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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Advanced Tea Tasting Class at Margaret's

Groupon has been fairly kind to me lately, supplying me with discounts for beginner & advanced tea tasting classes at Margaret's Fine Imports in Squirrel Hill. It's getting me out of the house, but also filling our cabinets with lots of tea samples and purchases. It looks like my 3 teas per day habit is going to need a kick into a more advanced gear.

The lecture portion of these classes have been fairly dry, and you could pretty much discover all the information you need from reading the Tea article on Wikipedia, so I've drawn up a Tea Class Bingo card. I'm pretty sure most dry things can be livened up a bit with Bingo (lecture halls, long car rides, etc. etc.)

The tasting portion of the class is far more interesting (and delicious), and as such, does not require a Bingo card to keep people's attention ;)

Advanced Tea Tasting Class at Margaret's Advanced Tea Tasting Class at Margaret's
Tea Collection
Sample Bingo Card for Margaret's (Advanced) Tea Tasting Class


rainmelon said...

Haha, love the Bingo card! Elegant, tea-time style font and all.

h said...

Not taking real classes for several years has made me super-bored during lectures of any sort. Including tea lectures.

Just give me the reading material, and thirty minutes! Srsly.

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