Success? Canning Orange Rhubarb Butter

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Canning Rhubarb Butter
I had an awesome housemate in Seattle who showed me how to can the Italian plums the backyard tree dropped as a plum butter and take foraged blackberries from the side of the road to turn into cans of jam, all with a boiling water bath process for sterilizing/preserving. And now, some years since, I finally brushed off my canning supplies and put them into action.

There was a considerably large pile of rhubarb from J's grandfather's garden living in our fridge for a week or two. I turned it into...butter. FoodInJars' orange rhubarb butter, to be exact. Although, her strawberru rhubarb butter also looks quite nice.I also followed her boiling water bath canning instructions, as I don't exactly recall every step my Seattle housemate showed me. I must say, the whole process was incredibly simple. Just a decent amount of waiting and stirring. I tested each of the lids to see if they'd come off, and it looks like the sealing was successful 3/3. Sweet Lady Luck.

Of course, my butter doesn't have the same rosy color as FoodInJars'. It's more of a shade of puce. Green butter. These green rhubarb are not the harder to grown red rhubarb, but I'll take what I can get.

Here's to hopefully not getting botulism!

Chopping 4 cups of rhubarb
4 cups rhubarb, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup orange juice
Simmering for 20 minutes
Simmering for an hour
Sterilizing mason jars
Softening lids' rubber sealant
Filling mason jars with butter, securing lids
Processing filled mason jars, 15 minutes
Rhubarb Butter


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