Success? Strawberry Maple Butter

Friday, June 20, 2014

Strawberry Maple Butter

I acquired nearly 4 lbs of nearly expired strawberries, and promptly turned them into this Maple Strawberry Butter from FoodInJars. My Crockpot is much newer and larger than the one used in the recipe, so it runs hotter and has a greater heated surface area. This probably explains why the berries cooked down to ketchup consistency in ~9 hours, instead of 18! I think next time, I'd like to compare to the higher quality U-pick berries and see how fresh and local changes the flavor, however, this is quite good with quickly-going-mushy grocery store berries.

My yield ended up being about 1.25 pints. There's these two half pints that both sealed properly (yay), and another 1/4 pint in the fridge. I have run out of teensy tinsy jars! The household doesn't eat a lot of jams and the like, so the small jars serve a purpose. At least we can trade for other things at the Pittsburgh Canning Exchange. I feel like I need more chutneys in my life.

Strawberry Maple Butter


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