Success: Dilly Beans (Pickled Green Beans)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Dilly Beans

I followed the directions for these raw pack Pickled Green Beans from 'Food in Jars'. Although, as occasionally happens with raw pack, all the beans floated to the top. So they're not as perfectly preserved as they could be, such is life!

I've read that one potential way to keep some of the produce down is the seatbelting method, which was also mentioned at Marisa McClellan's preserving workshop. Basically, squeeze a bean over the top of the other beans, held securely by the shoulder of the jar. This might work as long as you're not using straight-edged jars. I've also found that really jamming the beans in there tightly helps a great deal, so don't skimp on the beans! However, the Internet has also told me that the exposed beans should be okay, just perhaps a bit tougher than the submerged pickles.

9 Pints of Dilly Beans at a Time

[Verdict] These dilly beans are some of the few pickles that I've actually eaten before writing the post. Most of the tasting is waiting until produce is out of season. But these. These are too tasty. So tasty that after I made my first batch of four jars (top photo), I went and made 9 more pints. Seriously, go out and make some. Then wait a week for them to cure, then eat them all. Note to self: green beans seem to go on sale in early August at the supermarket. $.99/lb!


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