Semi-Success: Sweet Cherry Butter

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sweet Cherry Butter

Following the 'Food in Jars' recipe for Sweet Cherry Butter exactly, I ended up with 3x 1/2 pints, instead of 2x full pints which the recipe lead me to believe was my due given 1.4kg of cherries. But life isn't always fair, and I've got 3 half pints which is enough to be thankful for. I probably should not have cooked it down as long, but I still don't think that accounts for the full 1/2 pint under yield. If I had known, I would've thrown all my extra pitted cherries in. Lessons for the future: always put extra fruit in your fruit butter.

I had to scrape every last bit out of the pot to get these three jars full, but a thorough licking of the spatula foretells of some cherry awesomeness.

Sweet Cherry Butter

[Edit 1/18/15: The cherry flavoring in this butter is rather on the subtle side. I'd like it to be stronger, 'no really sure what's overpowering it, if anything. Furthermore, I believe I cooked this a bit too long as it's super thick. A common mistake I seem to make with fruit butters.]


My Garden Diaries said...

You are rocking friend! Seriously! This looks and sounds amazing!!!! Happy weekend to you!!! Nicole xo

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