Texas Trip: Austin

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blackmail Boot Co.

My sister had a rather lengthy list of things to do in Austin. Considering we didn't get in to town until around noon (spent too much time buying cowboy boots in the outlets), that was quite the challenge. However, my brother and I didn't have any other plans so we just followed her around like two lost ducklings. We started with Franklin BBQ (famous for its lengthy lines), but it was closed due to the Texas BBQ festival, so we ended up at Moonshine where I sipped peach moonshine from a shot glass at two in the afternoon. We grabbed a taxi to Barton Springs ans swam in the pool which is better described as a river with two dams cutting it off. We then grabbed a bus to the South Congress shops which were also peppered with plenty of cute food trucks. And a candy store. Where we ate our weight in chocolates and gummies. From South Congress it was a simple walk to see the Congress Bridge Bats, although rather than seeing a stream of tiny vampires leaving their nests, they pretty much just circled around underneath the bridge. Not every day is meant to be a perfect bat viewing. To top off the evening, we ate BBQ at Lambert's and then experienced a very empty string of bars along 6th Street. Apparently Monday is not a happenin' time to go bar-hopping.

I really liked Austin. It seemed like it would be a super pleasant place to live. The public transportation seemed decent (provided you didn't mind connecting through Congress Ave all the time), there were good restaurants, and lovely parks.

It's a shame that I had another terrible US Airways experience to bookend my flight. It took approximately 5 hours for me to fly from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a flight that usually takes 40 minutes. 3 minor mechanical issues, followed by an engine problem, waiting for a gate, de-planing, waiting for another plane to be cleaned and catered, and then starting all over again. I'm guessing US Airways has started cost-cutting by reducing its aircraft maintenance and replacement, because this trip was just a disaster from an airplane perspective.

Barton Springs
Barton Springs
Uncommon Objects
Austin from Congress Bridge
Egret near Congress Bridge
Frank's: Come and take it [hot dog] Every Breakfast in Texas

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rooth said...

Yay Austin, one of my favourite places on earth. That was my home for a glorious four years and always has a little piece of my heart

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