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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lasuen Mall

Northern California does have an autumn. Although, I confess I may've cherry-picked these photos a bit. Even in mid-November, autumn is spread a bit thinner than it is in the east coast. But it's still lovely.

I've also switched institutional affiliation, which has been its own mini-adventure. Each campus I find myself on is more beautiful than the last. This place is drop.dead.gorgeous.

Lasuen Mall
Main Quad
Memorial Church
Main Quad
Back of Memorial Church
Stanford Visitor Center
Autumn Leaves
Serra Mall
Landau Building
Main Quad Engineering Buildings
Rodin Sculpture Garden
The Oval
I am so thankful this is all working out. It's been rather intense, but I think we're finally starting.


rooth said...

Stanford is gorgeous - congrats on the new job!

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