Moving! Unpacking an Apartment

Friday, November 6, 2015

Living Room - Update 2
Getting there. Slowly but surely. Unpacking takes forever. Deciding where to put furniture and artwork takes forever. WHY DO WE HAVE SO MUCH ARTWORK?!

At time of writing most of our stuff is put away, or stowed in attractive baskets until we figure things out. But I'm reserving those photos for a 'Thank Gawd We're Done Unpacking' reveal. In the meantime, enjoy the chaos we've been living in for our first three weeks in California. I guess if I'd really hated it, I could've paid a Task Rabbit $50/hour and had it all done in an afternoon. Whatever. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Living Room
Living Room Living Room - Update 1
Living Room - Update 2

Office Area
Living Room
Office - Update 2

Kitchen - Update 1

Dining Nook
Dining Space (Eat-in Kitchen)
Dining Nook - Update 1
Dining Nook - Update 2

Bedroom Bedroom - Update 1
Bedroom - Update 2

Bathroom - Update 1 Bathroom - Update 2


rooth said...

What a cute little place - and it's slowly coming together

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