Success: Simple Apricot Jam

Friday, September 2, 2016

Simple Apricot Jam

3 parts apricots to 1 part sugar, according to FoodInJars' recipe, and there I was looking at a pile of overly ripe apricots for $0.50/lb. And I bought 7lbs and immediately ran home and canned it up before it all went super over ripe. I have a major preference for preserving fruits that don't require peeling, which means I mostly just avoid peaches. Having to skin 7lbs of apricots would not have been a good time, but thankfully there was no need!

I wanted something a little more traditional to not be too weird when grouped with my pickled smOkra, but next time I might ponder apricot rosemary jam. Because I enjoy interesting flavor pairings. But my food swap plans required something not too insane.

Simple Apricot Jam
Macerated Apricots
Heating up the apricots
Reducing the apricot jam
Simple Apricot Jam


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