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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Jade and Burro's Tail

The burro's tail of BYOV Propagating Succulents Tutorial fame had seen better days prior to the California move. Now look at it! 'Just goes to show you that sitting in the California sunshine is all you need to achieve that perfect healthy glow.

I don't appear to have a photo of the jade plant in its former glory, but a few months prior to the big move the cat knocked over the jade plant and it never fully recovered. So I pulled some of the healthier/loose branches of the larger trunk and replanted them in a smaller container. So when the time came to leave stuff behind the struggling jade trunk was left on an apartment stoop with a "free" sign, leaving us with just these two tiny babies on the dashboard for the cross country road trip:

In the Car
I've maintained some version of the jade plant for the past !!16!! years. 'Ever since high school biology class. I have to keep two strands of the jade plant at any given time in order to keep it going. Stuff happens and it's always good to have a back-up. It's about time I propagate a second version of this guy again.

Living Room
A struggling jade plant in my first apartment in Pittsburgh (2011).
Jade Plant Mealy Bug Infestation
Treating the jade plant for a mealy bug infestation in Pittsburgh (2011), that would eventually be the downfall of this branch of the original plant.
3215 Powelton Philadelphia Apartment: Living Room
The jade plant in Philly (2007).
Two Burro's Tails
Burro's tail trim and propagate in Pittsburgh (2015).
Daylight Bulb, Auto White Balance
Burro's tail at purchase in Pittsburgh (2013).
Burro's Tail Trimming
Now (2016).
Jade Plant
Now (2016).


rooth said...

I've got a little succulent that's growing into quite a big succulent in my office (his name is Fred) - they LOVE that sun

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