Wedding Printable: Advice Cards

Friday, November 4, 2016

Step 3: Done. Pretty much.

In case you need 'advice cards' or some other on-theme paper product for your guests to scribble all over, enjoy this 'Advice for the Couple' double-sided printable. It's best done on card stock.

I updated the typeface in the printable to use MF Queen Leela, which actually looks a bit better than the faux-handwriting we ended up using. My loss is your gain.

Step 0: Design Your Cards
Step 1: Print the two-sided cards
Step 2: Cut into Sixths
Step 4: Cardstock is a really nice choice for this.
Advice Card - Filled Out

Typefaces used: MF Queen Leela available from and Jenna Sue available from


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