Garden Wedding

Friday, September 1, 2017

J+R Wedding in Mellon Park Walled Garden

Another month, another wedding! The rain stopped just long enough for the ceremony and some pretty photos.
A third wedding in two months, and my fourth wedding album in just as many. I've grown to really <3 the casual wedding photo album as a gift. From order-date to doorstep-arrival, Picaboo generally takes about a week for a Classic Photo Albums. That provides a few days to put together the album for arrival prior to the couple returning from their honeymoon. Groupon always has coupons for Picaboo (look for $35 for $100 or $50 for $150 - 65% off should be the smallest savings you settle for, keep in mind that shipping adds at least another $10).

I think I've finally hit my wedding photo album maximum. In a 2-month period I completed: (1) our wedding album (a Picaboo Madison Photobook), (2) a family member's wedding album for their anniversary (Picaboo 8.5x11 Classic Photobook with lay-flat pages, (3-5) three informal 8" square photobooks (three Picaboo Classic Photobooks, 2 with standard pages 1 with lay-flat), and then back in December I compiled two slightly different Picaboo Seamless Lay-Flat wedding albums for the mothers and a couple Picaboo softcover 8x6 Photobooks in May. I am now an expert on almost all of Picaboo's photobook products. I think I'll take a break now.

J+R Wedding in Mellon Park Walled Garden
J+R Wedding in Mellon Park Walled Garden
J+R Wedding Flowers
J+R Wedding Receiving Line
The Union Project J+R Leaving the Wedding


rooth said...

Whew you guys really hit ALL the weddings this season. We turned most of them down this year, mainly due to work :/

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