Rhinebeck NY State Sheep & Wool Festival

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Herding Dog Show
Living in California for the past two years, I was a bit unprepared for the intense yarn-ness that is the NY State Sheep & Wool Festival. However, I rustled up some on-the-spot inspiration and bought the two skeins required for the Uraidla Shawl from the O Wool booth. Next time I'll come more prepared. I've got my eyes on those skeins of undyed wool in different natural shades.

The festival is full of stuff for yarn lovers - infinite quantities of yarn, dyed in the colors of the rainbow, or undyed, or sea-dyed in muted tones. You can shop for yarn by type of sheep. You can buy fleece, or carding machines, or spinning wheels or needles or needle cases or premade sweaters or shawl kits, or nearly any yarn-related items you can think of. There's also angora bunnies for sale, and sheep shows and alpaca and goats. We watched a sheep herding dog demonstration, a sheep breed parade, and a weird theatrical piece in which people pretend to be sheep.
Rhinebeck Festival
Rhinebeck Tents
Inside a barnYarn booths
O Wool Booth
Lots of undyed wool!
I also picked up a pair of wooden Knitter's Dream interchangeable needles to round out my set of KnitPicks Options. It turns out that Knitter's Dream interchangeable needles have a wider range of sizes than KnitPicks, but are also compatibly interchangeable with them as well.
Sheep Parade
Sheep Closeup
Spinning at Rhinebeck
Sheep Show
Angora Bunnies
Sheeple Show


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