Working Wall Art

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Office Art on the Wall

'Just pulling together some office-appropriate wall art here. I grabbed the You Are Not Your Code quote from a rather interesting post on an approach for providing feedback to newcomers on their words/actions are inappropriate to the new cultural environment. The Nielsen's Heuristics poster is from a Coursera course on interaction design. The bird drawings are from a childhood drawing book of mine, and "no regerts." is pretty much my favorite tattoo from Bad Ink-type reality shows. It exemplifies a sentiment I could use more of in my life.

The calligraphy font is 'October Twilight' and all-caps sans serif is the 'Langdon' typeface.

No Regerts Print You Are Not Your Code - White

Not all experimentations in quotes + typography art are successful. Below are two rejected designs, one for color and the other for lengthiness-font issues. I still like the idea of playing with multiple typefaces in a single print...but maybe a different font is required.

You Are Not Your Code - Black Ada Lovelace Quote Art
These fonts are the same as the first two, but also with 'VTK Flowers' for the floral font and 'Amatic SC' for the scrawly all caps typeface.


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