Adding Cedar Paneling & Storage to a Walk-In Closet

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Completed walk-in closet
Apparently we purchased a home where the largest bedroom has two closets but the walk-in was never actually used as a closet. And so here we are, installing ventilated shelving for shoes and sweaters, and two rows of poles for shirts and dresses.

But if you're going to do all that, why not start by lining one wall with cedar paneling, to keep the moths at bay?

0. Empty closet room 1. Add horiztontal furring strips, attached to studs
2. Add cedar tongue-in-groove paneling, starting on one side 5. Attached moulding sides then top.
9. Insert ventilated shelving using brackets. 10. For closet poles, attach support brackets to studs, then insert poles
Use baskets, etc. to store smaller, loose items


rooth said...

We need to redo some of the shelving in the master bedroom as well. Luckily no need to moth-proof though

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