Yard Waste Reduction

Sunday, April 26, 2020

'Already knee-deep in gardening again over here and I thought I might share the before/after from last year. The above photo was taken July 13, 2018. The below photo was taken September 25, 2019. 14 months later:
The Vegetable Garden
Longtime readers will note that I spent much of April 2019 removing 220 square feet of tall goldenrod from the garden plot with a shovel and my bare hands. This resulted in quite the impressive pile of goldenrod roots, carefully tucked under a tarp so they wouldn't get the sun energy to grow/spread from their corner of the yard:

June 1, 2019.
Yard Waste Piles
January 26, 2020.
Yard Waste Piles in Winter

The root pile has condensed quite a bit, and I'm hoping in a few years they might be dead enough to bury and use as compost. But that's risky, considering how much they spread in the garden. The other piles of yard waste (grass clippings, tree limbs, goldenrod stems, etc.) also condensed, as they were added to pseudo-hugelkultur raised beds or broken down for pathway mulch. A great way to eliminate yard waste! And Xmas trees. And fallen tree limbs...


rooth said...

Your backyard is breathtakingly beautiful!

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