Winter Sowing, Year 2

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Winter Sowing Seeds
I did some late winter sowing of seeds last year. This year I actually did it on time! On a couple warm-ish days in February I went out and planted some of all of my seeds! Some worked, some didn't.

Winter Sowing Seeds
I followed The Reid Homestead's Winter Sowing approach, although I also add twisty ties to my containers for ease of opening/closing on warm days. Winter sowing is nice, because you plant the seedlings and then you don't do anything for months. On a warm day, you open up the tops so they don't overheat, but that's also rather close to the last frost date so you can also plant the seedlings shortly thereafter!

Butterhead Lettuce, Winter sown Bloomsdale Spinach, Winter sown
4/5/20 (butterhead, on the left) and 5/2/20 (spinach, on the right)
Freckles Romaine & Butterhead Lettuce, Winter sown
5/2/20 (Freckles Romaine & Butterhead lettuce)

Successful: freckles romaine, butterhead lettuce, bloomsdale spinach, purple kohlrabi, Magnolia Snap peas, foxglove, chamomile...

Okay: autumn Asian greens (also, bolted!), Bright lights rainbow chard, hyssop...

Not thriving: swamp milkweed, nasturtium, marigolds, red giant mustard (replanted in early May & did okay), cascadia snap peas (replanted in early May & did okay) ...

Winter Sown Seedlings
I got a late start on the garden (again) this year, as putting together an 18' bed took more time than anticipated. So, some things didn't make it (i.e., the Magnolia snap peas both indoor-started and winter-sown). The spinach and first round of indoor-grown red mustard bolted before planting, but I had a back-up winter-sown stash of the mustard, so we did alright!


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