Harvesting: Kohlrabi

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Harvested Kohlrabi

I discovered kohlrabi a few years ago when we had a CSA (we no longer enroll in a CSA, because the garden gives us plentyyyyyy of vegetables). Sort of like a mild cabbage flavor, with a nice crisp bite, I enjoy eating them raw like an apple.

Mixed Vienna Kohlrabi

These I believe to be purple & white early Vienna kohlrabi from etsy/ByTheMoonSeed as well as a freebie from Baker Creek Seeds. Despite having the title "early", due to nutrient issues in the new raised bed, they actually took quite a lot longer to grow this season. But we're findally there, lovely little 3-4 inch globes!

Kolhrabi Stems, Leaves Removed

The kohlrabi here is actually a part of the plant's stem. You remove the leaves, peel the tough skin, and slice or chomp away. If you let them grow too big, they'll get woody, so the 3-4 inch range (on this variety) is pretty good timing for harvesting.

Peeled & Sliced Kohlrabi

My CSA kohlrabi never came with very many leaves, but these from the garden have tremendous leaves! They can be used similar to kale or turnip greens. I sauteed them in a bit [too much] of bacon grease, and topped with a couple pieces of chopped bacon. The texture is sort of seaweed-esque. Maybe I should've cooked 'em longer!

Kohlrabi Leaves in Bacon

Edit: Cutting the kohlrani leaves into thin ribbons appears to be the way to go here. The second attempt turned out much better:

Tomato, Carrot Top Pesto, and Drunken Goat Cheese Tart

There's about ~14 or so kohlrabi left in the garden bed shown below. We've had some serious growth in the past few weeks of the leafy greens bed. I just hope I can get some nice kohlrabi stems before the vining winter squash shade everything out!

Marigolds, Purple Kohlrabi, Chard, Pak Choi, White & Purple Vienna Kohlrabi
August 15, 2020

The main pest for the kohlrabi so far has been flea beetles. Hence the "shotgunned" leaf-look. They're fairly harmless and since I'm not selling market produce, I'm not as picky about how the plants look. The produce may not be perfect, but at least I know it's pesticide-free!


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