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Friday, November 19, 2021

University of Wisconsin Madison Campus

This here is the last post from our rather lengthy Madison, Wisconsin summer trip. Mostly, I saw gardens, we ate food, and entertained the dogs (when they weren't entertaining themselves...)

Viciously Playing Dogs
Dogs Smiling
Viciously Playing Dogs
Playing "mop"

They wrestled, like, all the time.

Houses with Front Yard Gardens
Houses with Front Yard Gardens

I got a serious Pittsburgh vibe from the neighborhood. Well, Pittsburgh mixed with frontyard gardens. It was great to take the dogs for a walk and see all the things everyone did with their frontyards. I've never lived in a neighborhood with such a density of frontyard produce!

Double Dog Walk Playing at Warner Dog Park
Playing at Warner Dog Park
Rehydrating at the dog park
Exhausted from the dog park

Speaking of dog walks, we did a lot of that, as the condo didn't have a yard. But we also wanted to get these two ding dongs tired out, so we'd go to the large Warner Dog Park on a lagoon, or the smaller (but closer by) Odana School Dog Park. Off Leash Dog Parks are the most efficient way to get them tired. And a tired dog is a good dog...

Paul's Pel'meni in Madison, WI Snack on the balcony

One of the things we always do when in a city is take advantage of city food! Ramen from Umami, Paul's Pel'meni, and even some deliciously affordable Trader Joe's snacks on the balcony. Niiiiiiice.

At the end of the road trip
At the beginning of the road trip

It's a good thing the dog is such a good car traveler, because this involved quite a bit of driving!


rooth said...

We always have dog parks / walks planned with our road trips but Bowie's gotten pretty used to sleeping the entire car ride (thank goodness)

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