Cooking/Baking Update

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lemon Olive-Oil Cake
[Edit 3/3/10: I made the Lemon Olive-Oil Cake a third time, it came out great!]
  • I retried the olive oil lemon cake, and with the help of an electric hand mixer, the meringue came out correctly and the cake came out rather subtle and tasty. My modifications to the recipe included using the zest from an entire lemon, and baking it in a 9X9 glass pan.
  • Sometime between my last macaron attempt I tried (and failed) two more times, once with a Martha Stewart recipe and again with the original recipe. Even though they don't look right, I'm still addicted to the way my failures taste!
  • I made thekitchn's Very Simple Dal Palak using some garam masala from Penzey's in the Strip District. I think it's been my dinner for the past week. It's very good and easy to make.
A slice of my olive oil lemon cake, from the second time.


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