Annual Cohort Holiday Dinner #5

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5th Cohort Dinner Party

Every year, I gather up my '08 classmates, plunk them down at my dinner table, and serve them food. As usual, I made one bajillion tons of eggnog. This year, I decided to preserve my sanity and premade nearly everything the day before. All that was left to do on party-day was crisping up the shepherd's pie, mass producing eggnog, and preparing the roast asparagus (along with cleaning the apartment and getting dressed. But, you know. Whatever). This was really quite doable. And I almost didn't lose my cool, ahahaha.

I had my usual holiday decor (i.e., white twinkle lights) but also put 2yds burlap cut in half on top of some white lace thrift store tablecloths. Combine that with a bunch of estate sale and Ikea red candles, and we were all set. Instant holiday-party-times.

The Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies from Joeycake were really the nicest surprise from this year's recipes. They'll be getting their own post shortly.

Recipes I used (I recommend them all):
Eggnog-making Mess Dinner Party Plate Dinner Party Broccoli Slaw Jambalaya 28 Servings of Eggnog


missris said...

Sergio loved the cookies, so I can't wait to see the recipe and try baking them ourselves.

iris said...

The cookie recipe is right here:

Although I used a couple ounces less chocolate, but that's about it.

Stephanie said...

Oh my word, how fun...and delicious!

rooth said...

Man, your nog recipe looks GOOOOOD

Stephanie said...

The food looks delicious!! Looks like you guys had a great time. :-)

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