A Very Merry Mummers Day

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Construction Hats n' Skirts

For some unknown reason, no one outside of the Philadelphia area has ever heard of the mummers, despite the fact that they've been putting on an interesting New Years Day show for decades. I think the above photo pretty much summarizes what all of you non-fluffians are missing out on.

Why are the wench brigades comprised of men wearing skirts? Why are they all drunk (this question probably answers the other question, or vice versa)? Who came up with the idea of "80s pop bunnies" as a theme for a string band? Or glitter cyborgs for the fancy brigades? We may never know. The world is a wide and fascinating place.

Construction Hats n' Skirts
Hobo Mummers?
Dance off!
Golden Slippers Mummer Parade, Scenery
Rastafarian Mummers
Sergeant Pepper Mummers
Mummer BunniesMummers from Space?


Annie Smith said...

Awesome. Just, Awesome.

missris said...

I have never heard of this before in my life but it looks amazing.

Jamie said...

How very cool

rooth said...

HA! That's great, just great

Ashley said...

That looks ridiculous and awesome. How fun! Too bad nothing that exciting happens here on New Years!

Danielle said...

There is an amusing chapter on the Philadelphia Mummers Parade in Jason Mulgrew's memoir Everything is Wrong with Me where he looks back on being a kid marching with his dad every year. It's at least worth the chuckles.

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