Las Vegas

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Las Vegas
Is it just me, or does Las Vegas look like a toy? One giant, expensive toy.

It was very nice of J's company to send its employees + significant others on this 4 day retreat. It was a tiny little break before things got super intense for me. A lovely time eating, seeing shows, company bonding, and the tiniest bit of gambling at the cheap tables. I was partially sick with a sinus infection the whole time, but I still weathered through my fair share of fancy cocktails and delicious meals. I'm quite the martyr ;)

Las Vegas
Vdara Hotel
Bellagio Fountain Show
Losing money on Deal or No Deal in Bally's
Las Vegas
Cirquie du Soleil - Zarkana
Las Vegas - Venetian In the casino (The Venetian)
Las Vegas
Virtually Flawles Cheeseburger
Chihuli in the Bellagio Las Vegas - New York New York
Las Vegas - Excaliber
Chicago from the air


missris said...

I think Las Vegas is so, so weird. Giant, plastic, manufactured weirdness.

Dhiraj Kumar said...

Fantastic post - Great explainations and thinking.I'm looking forward to what you have for us next..!

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