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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fancy Stamps
Why buy ugly postage, when pretty postage costs the same?! I also work next to a post office, so that's just making matters worse...

In my defense, we've used up the ferns, all but the 4 display DC/Japan sakura, the coastal birds are all spoken for, and two of the floral books are meant for general usage. Really, only the songbirds and bonsai are part of the "permanent collection" ;)

Man do I enjoy putting pretty stamps on envelopes for the landlord, lol.

Pretty Stamps
6 Apply theme-appropriate postcard stamps
USPS Botanical Art Stamps
New Envelope Seals!
And then there's personalized envelope sticker-seals to match your return address labels...


rooth said...

I'm all about pretty stamps as well! A must if you send snail mail

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