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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Felt Pea DIY Felt Pea DIY

The pea here, much like the asparagus and some other felt veggies, falls into the "other" group for assembly approach. It's really not like any of the other felt play vegetables we've been putting together.

For the pea, I've used two shades of by-the-yard wool felt from JoAnn Fabrics. Wool felt generally has a little more color options than craft felt, but you could certainly make this with whatever colors you choose!

This pattern is inspired by Jamjar Bizarre - Tutorial – How To Make A Felted ‘Peas In A Fabric Pod’ Brooch...but we're sewing & stuffing our peas, rather than using needled felt.

  1. Print the pattern below without scaling.
  2. Cut out the pieces in the quantities listed in the pattern.
  3. For one of the circles, sew a loose running stitch around the outside, before carefully placing some stuffing in the center, pulling the thread tight, and securing the ends. One pea done!
  4. Repeat the previous step to make two more (or more!) peas.
  5. I like to sew a decorative machine-seam around the edge of my pea pod, but this is optional.
  6. With a needle and thread, attach each pea in a line to the center of the pea pod piece.
  7. Fold the pea pod around the peas, and use several more stitches to secure it into position (particularly the ends, which should be folded in half and touching).
  8. This will produce a pea pod with securing-stitches on the outside. If you wanted to avoid this, you could cut an inner pea pod and an outer pea pod, and secure the outer to the inner at this point.
  9. For the stem/leaf at the top, sew a running stitch circle in the middle and pull taut. This makes the stem shape.
  10. Secure the leaf piece to one end of the pea pod with several more hand stitches.

Felt Vegetable Pattern: Tomato and Pea

This pattern also includes the pattern for the Felt Tomato play food tutorial, which we just did. I try to save paper and combine the smaller patterns onto one sheet!

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rainmelon said...

The peas are my favorite thus far.

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