Felt Food How-To: Felt Summer Squash or Zucchini

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Homemade Felt Summer Squash Homemade Felt Summer Squash

This felt summer squash (or zucchini, if you switch the yellow to green!) is similar to the other multi-pieced/multi-dimensional felt play food we've made previously (i.e., tomato, eggplant, garlic), except, we're not combining several identical shapes to make three-dimensional objects, we're folding a butterfly shape in half, and sewing a strip of felt to either side to make a little thinner object.

I used yellow and pirate green craft felt from JoAnn Fabrics, all my patterns are meant to fit on one or more sheets of felt. The squash can all be done within one yellow felt sheet.

This pattern is inspired by Cut Out + Keep - Lady Llanalla's Sumemr Squash Fun, although I've done a different stem top. I've increased the size of the pieces in the pattern since I made this example squash, so yours should come out a little bigger (and therefore be a little easier to work with). The stem idea comes from Une Ame d'Enfant: Les Douze Vies de la Courgette (yes, it's in French, but the step-by-step photos are very helpful).

  1. Print the pattern below without scaling.
  2. Cut out the pieces in the quantities listed in the pattern.
  3. I sewed some decorative seams in slightly contrasting thread onto the butterfly shape, but this is oprtional!
  4. We're going to fold the butterfly shape in half (to align the edges), but sew the yellow strip to the edges instead. The bottom of the squash is wider, and requires the wider end of the strip. Sew strip to one side of the butterfly shape, starting at the wider end. Stop sewing about an inch before you get to the top (secure the thread!)
  5. Do the same for the other side of the butterfly felt and the other side of the strip. This can be a litte tricky to maneuver.
  6. Turn right-side out and stuff the squash (I used fabric scraps which makes it lumpy - polyfill would be smoother).
  7. With a needle and thread, close up the top of the squash stuffy, folding the raw edges inward as you go.
  8. Cinch the top of the squash closed and secure the squash top with several more hand-sewn stitches, before tying off.
  9. Fold the green strip in half and then in half again. Sew several stitches to secure it into a plus shape (or even a star, or whatever - squashes have very ridged stems and that's what we're imitating here).
  10. Secure this stem piece to the top of the squash by hand-stitching.

Felt Vegetable Pattern: Summer Squash

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