Partial-Success: Macarons #5

Monday, March 15, 2010

Macaron Close Up

After attempting macarons four times with the French method (and failing four times), we decided to try macarons with the Italian method (using a hot sugar syrup). The recipe was from My Food Geek: Almost Foolproof Macarons My past 4 attempts with the French method have semi-failed. At least this time it was a semi-success.
Macaron, Half Eaten

Can you see the slight hint of a skirt?! Can you tell the inside is chewy?! I'm so close to perfection, but not quite there yet!

These are a tad bit larger and flatter than your typical store-bought macarons. I don't think we beat the meringue long enough (as evidenced by the unfluffiness of the mixture). Also, I don't own a candy thermometer, so we guessed on the temperature of the sugar syrup.
Macaron, Pouring

Additionally, it appears that Trader Joe's now carries macarons in its frozen section. You can see the TJ's macarons in front of my homemade macarons in the photo below.
Homemade vs. Trader Joe's Macarons


Liz said...

They look good enough to me. Bet they were tasty.

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