How To: Wire Ribbon Flowers

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ribbon Flowers

Okay. So it's mid-March and I have a costume-party to attend. Please excuse the silliness of a few of the upcoming costume posts. Because. It is very silly.

Ribbon Flower as Shoe Clip

Anyways, today I made ribbon flowers from Making Flower Pins from Make It Do. That tutorial is really good, so you probably don't need me restating all the directions. Just in case the link ever disappears, here's a quick step-through:

* Materials *
2-4 yards of 1.5" wide wire ribbon
(I used 2 yards for the shoe flowers, 3 for the hair flower)
Needle, Thread, Felt

* Directions *
  1. Pull a wire on one end of a wired ribbon to ruffle the whole length of the ribbon. (Be careful not to break the wire).
  2. Fold the first inch or so back and forth on itself a few times, then secure at the pulled-wire side with needle and thread.
  3. Wrap the ribbon around the folded inch, pushing the needle and thread through all the layers of ribbon.
  4. Continue previous step until you can no longer push the needle and thread through all the layers. Then start securing new layers to the previous layer with the needle and thread.
  5. When nearing the end, tuck the last 2 inches of ribbon under the flower mass, and secure with needle and thread. Tie off.
  6. Attach felt pieces to bottom of flower with thread. I made a little two-layered felt piece so I can push hair clips through it, as you see in the photos.
Directions from Make It Do.

Ribbon Flower in Hair

My flowers didn't come out as nice as those on the Make It Do blog, but they're functional for my purposes, anyways.

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