Spinach and Lemon Soup with Orzo

Monday, September 19, 2011

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Having largely abandoned my kitchen throughout the entirety of the summer (we'll blame it on the heat), the sudden drop in temperature over the past week all over the Northeast inspired me turn on my stove and oven again. As soon as the weather turns even a bit nippy, I find myself craving soups ... and I can get through a few cartons of Trader Joe's soups incredibly quickly. Cue The Kitchn's timely soup round-up (although this one was actually featured awhile ago).

This meets several of my weekday dinner meal requirements: easy prep, few ingredients, one bowl meal, fairly nutritionally well-balanced. Oh yeah, and it's really good.

A few notes: as it says in the comments, whisk the egg whites first and then add in the yolk. I added more red pepper flakes to give it a spicier kick, as well as pepper, which I thought worked really well with the lemon. The eggs make this dish creamy without making it too rich.

Don't mind my archaic camera.

P.S. -- And yes, you might have noticed that the garnish I used is cilantro (which I already had), instead of parsley; it works just as well for an infusion of freshness throughout the whole dish.

Dinner is served -- probably for the rest of the week =).


TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

I am not too big on soups, I don't think most people from Texas are, unless you count chili. But I am a suck for rice or orzo soups. Looks sooo good! Might have to try it here soon :)

aki! said...

This looks quite good! The weather hasn't cooled down far enough for me to enjoy this though.

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