Oh, The Places You'll Live

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bedroom, Unpacked
The current Mountain View apartment, 2015.

[3/7/2012] I've been reflecting on the places I've lived...and the places I haven't. You see, I have now lived in my current apartment for 3.5 years, which is the longest I've ever lived any place, except for my childhood home. And it is time to move. We're actively looking for a new apartment, which means checking Padmapper like it's my job. It also means trying to reconfigure and combine the accumulated decor items from two households. It's a little bit daunting, as decorating my bedroom and living room the last time was quite the process. However, this time I'm not starting from scratch. I already have a bunch of pieces, I just need to remix them.

Time to start over again, but not.

King-Sized TARDIS Isosceles Triangle Quilt
The second Pittsburgh apartment, 2015.
New Bedroom Artwork
The old Pittsburgh apartment, 2010.
Bedroom from kitchen
My 1DK in Nara, Japan where I slept on a futon for 12 weeks in 2013.
Seattle Bedroom
12 weeks of subletting this Fremont, Seattle apartment in a 4BR house (2012).
Edinburgh Student Flat
My bedroom in my Edinburgh flat at Portsburgh Court, 2007. Home for 12 weeks!
3215 Powelton Philadelphia Apartment: Bedroom
The Philly bedroom, the second time I moved into it, when I was no longer subletting (ie, new paint job!), 2006.
Philly Bedroom, First Time
First [and only] apartment after moving out of the dorms in Philadelphia, 2005.
My Bed
EBI II Dorm room in Ankara, Turkey, 2005.
Drexel Dorm Room, Myers
A sample of dorm living at Myers Hall at Drexel University, 2003. This photo is missing an assortment of Coldplay and Lord of the Rings posters. This room is pretty much identical to my sophomore-year dorm room, for which I don't have a photo.
New Bedroom
My bedroom at home, in the recently remodeled garage, after I left for college, 2003.
Childhood Bedroom, Mural
A mural from my bedroom growing up. My parents let me paint my walls. I also picked the paint colors. *ahem*


Stephanie said...

Ooh, I love the orange with gray/black/white in your current bedroom! For some reason I've really been gravitating toward orange and gray color combos lately. Good luck with your apartment search!! :-)

missris said...

Padmapper is pretty much amazing. Thanks for sharing the link!

Stephanie said...

I love the current bedroom! And how cool are your parents for letting you paint your walls?! That's awesome!

rooth said...

I really heart seeing the evolution of your bedrooms. I'm following you now as well!

Emmy M. said...

Just found this link through design sponge. Love the idea of keeping a record of all your rooms! This is great.

djoMla said...

I find www.movety.com to be pretty useful too.

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