[Eventual] Success: Dutch Baby

Sunday, March 11, 2012

i: "we should make a dutch baby sometime."
j: " I still have a lot I want to do with my life before settling down like that... ask again in 5 years."

I have made these German pancakes (aka Dutch Baby) from SmittenKitchen twice now, and neither of those times did my final product come out anything like her photos. Nonetheless, they are tasty. I had just come to expect something either eggy and flat OR dome-like and crunchy. Not fluffy. but good, especially when drowned in syrup. Delicious sugary syrup.

So, instead of becoming complacent with half-decent, I tried a third time using this recipe from epicurious. Definitely the way to go. Light and fluffy and perfect. Have you ever made a Dutch baby before? They are so lovely, and only somewhat related to the normal breakfast pancake. And about the same amount of hassle.

And now I've made myself hungry.

From the SmittenKitchen Recipe (below)


Anonymous said...

I've seen that recipe. If it involves eggs, I need to try it sometime:)

Anonymous said...


h said...

Fixed, no worries ;)

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