Speed Glamping: One Night Car Camping

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Speed Glamping

We were roasting red pepper & asiago chicken sausages over the campfire, and noshing on pretzels with raspberry jam from Tait Farms and ginger garlic whole grain mustard from Pleasant Valley Farm, when it finally occurred to me. I have become a camping yuppie. If the LL Bean fleece and flannel shirt didn't give it away, the feast we acquired from the local food convention sure did. C'est la vie.

The weather was nice enough, just recently cooled down to 60 degrees with a chance of rain, and seemed like the perfect opportunity for some "speed glamping." We only had one night to spare, and a new air mattress to try out (since I sleep terribly on the ground). The chance of rain kept the crowds away from Rose Point Park Campground, a largely RV-dominated, tightly packed little place an hour north of town, so we were able to find a little site without any neighbors. Camping neighbors can be the worst.

It's nice that the warm weather has started camping season early. Let's hope it stays that way.

Finally Mastering Campfire Starting

Oh yeah, and it seems J may have finally semi-mastered the art of starting a fire. Go big or go home, as they say...

Fire Writing
Condemned Bridge
Rose Point Park Campground...lots and lots of RVs
Rose Point Park Camp Office Sign
Slow Exposure Embers
Tait Farms Raspberry Jam on 12-grain Bread
Creek Plant
Redneck Wine Cooler


Stephanie said...

How fun! Sounds like the best way to spend a night, if you ask me!

Nicole said...

Wow. That looks like an amazing area where you guys stayed. So lush and green. And camping is the best. I wish I did it more often. And beautiful pictures by the way.

missris said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I love that there are many camping options so close to Pittsburgh!

rooth said...

Those sausages sound delicious! I don't know if I could camp but I could definitely glamp

Unknown said...

I LOVE how you camp!!

Jamie said...

That's the kind of camping I could really get behind.

Nics Notebook said...

Ooh it looks fab!!! PS - Happy Belated Birthday for the 25th! :) x

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