My Crochet Bucket Basket

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Crochet [Bucket] Basket

Pinterest has finally sucked me in. It was impossible to resist. I'm decorating an apartment and have craftiness seeping out my pores. It was inevitable.

The first was this crochet basket from Crochet In Color. And then, after seeing this other lovely crochet basket from Huhuu 4home, I was also inspired to put an edging on the top instead of handles. The final product came out shaped like a bucket, so now it's a girly crochet bucket basket.

I'm in need of storage solutions to the point that I've purchased 4 giant baskets off of craigslist, and 2 plastic storage bins from Goodwill. This crochet basket fits nicely in our Expedit bookcase, and holds my current work-in-progress (the hexagon quilt), hiding all the bits and bobs from guests.

The actual modification to the pattern is something to the effect of: when your basket is the height you desire, at the beginning of the next row, *ch3, skip 3sts, sc in the next st and repeat from the * around, joining with a sl st. For the last row, *6dc in the middle ch (the second of the three), ch1, 1sc in the middle of the next ch, ch1, and repeat from the * around, joining with a sl st and finish off. Your number of stitches might vary slightly, so some additional adjustment may be necessary. Fake it 'til you make it ;)

Crochet [Bucket] Basket
Crochet [Bucket] Basket Crochet [Bucket] Basket


Anonymous said...

Wow this is fab well done you! I have not managed to complete 1 crochet square yet :( Although I am going to a crochet club thingy 2moro so might get back into it !!

keishua said...

That's so lovely! I really think those colors are perfect! Fall has me knitting more but I've always wanted to know how to crochet!!

rooth said...

Very cute! I am looking for a big cream coloured stiff felt basket to hold random stuff - have you seen any of those in your perusal?

missris said...

What's your name on Pinterest? I must look at all your inspiration :)

h said...

rooth, if you know how to crochet or knit, you can make your own cream-colored basket :) You knit/crochet the basket in a wool yarn, much larger than you want...and then wash it in hot water and through the dryer to felt it!

missris, you can find me at: pinterest/osiristheiris

SARAH said...

well at least pinterest is inspiring you to greatness! all i do is look at the pretty pictures

nancy said...

I really dig crocheting, I find it really calming. And it's ridiculously satisfying to craft something... however, I don't know how to read crochet instructions... and I can't remember how to finish off a.. well, anything! I have a half-finished square attached to my hook that's living in my drawer.
You wouldn't happen to be particularly skilled at deciphering crochet instructions via blog comments, would you? :D

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