'Gone Martha Stewart-in'

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fabric Tissue Box Covers

I've gone all Martha Stewart. Tissue box covers that match either (1) the curtains or (2) the pillowcases in the room it belongs.

The pattern is from lara cameron (another pinterest find), although they don't look quite as nice as the example. There's some oddness in the pattern that's not carefully warned about, things like: it is better to overestimate your 'x' and 'w' measurements, rather than underestimate. Probably the same goes for the 'l' measurement. Basically, just add a quarter to a half inch on all your measurements and maybe you won't have gaps as bad as mine at the edges. And when in doubt, just paperclip the fabric to the box.

Fabric Tissue Box Covers


missris said...

I love these so much.

rooth said...

You've totally gone on DIY on us - really cute!

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