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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lately, when I go someplace, I buy their tea. In Paris it was Mariage Frere's Earl Grey French Blue, in Japan it was the above black sakura tea from Mikuniya Zengoro and super green sencha from the grocery store, in Seattle, it was Remedy Tea's Pine Smoked Lapsang Souchong.

Mariage Frere's Earl Grey French Blue Tea

And of course, I always accept donations of apple tea (elma ├žay) from Turkey.

Turkish Apple Tea

Side note: pretty much any early grey tea is delightful, whether it comes from France or not. Dorian grey? Oh man. Just, lovely and sweet. A dessert tea.

Second side note: Lapsang souchoung is smoky. I mean. I enjoy Rauchbier and smoky whisky from Islay, but this tea is just too smoky. Way too smoky. WHY DID I BUY SEVEN OUNCES?! Maybe I'll cut it with something not so overpowering.

Tea from Hannover Train Station
Remedy Tea's Lapsang Souchong
Sweet photo from my office.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely idea ! Some people collect sand from their travels, you've got tea. :) I've been doing something very similar lately, got some teas from Riga & Stockholm last years travels..


ps. In case you're interested in natural / herbal skincare I've got a post on the blog :)

Marlen said...

Woah I've never even HEARD of smokey tea. I'm trying to imagine the taste and just cant' haha, I'm kind of curious now!

xo marlen
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