Boulder, Colorado

Sunday, July 6, 2014

University of Colorado Boulder

A work trip lead me to Boulder, Colorado for nearly a week. One look around campus, and a walk up the Boulder Creek Path to Pearl Street, and I was convinced I should move in permanently. It is so flat, except where it's not. You can see lightning storms from miles away. I didn't get out to Rocky Mountain National Park, but you can bet I'm placing that one on the 'todo' list.

You guys, there's a JoAnn Fabrics walking distance from campus. Walking. Distance.

University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
Pearl Street Mall
Boulder Library Flowers
Boulder Creek Path Chaff
Boulder Creek Path
Boulder Creek Path
Tiny Rainbow
Six Sampler in the Sun View from the RTD Bus
CU Boulder Freshman Dormroom Fields from the Plane


rooth said...

Did you get a chance to go hiking while you were up there? The foothills are wonderful to just walk around

missris said...

I'm sold. Let's all move to Boulder. Also, tell me more about this beer you sampled.

Anonymous said...

That area is seriously my favorite place in the world. or at least the US.

Unknown said...

Since there's lots of Remote Sensing centers, companies, etc in Boulder a lot of my friends from Uni have gone there for conferences, summer programs and the odd semester. I've yet to go, but they all love it. There's even a joke going around that phd students and post docs visited the area once, and return as cleaners just so they can live there.

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