Success: Rosemary Honey-sweetened Strawberry Jam

Friday, July 4, 2014

Rosemary Honey-sweetened Strawberry Jam Leftovers

After the preserving workshop with Marisa McClellan and u-pick strawberries, I immediately went home and made some small batch Honey-sweetened strawberry jam from 'Preserving by the Pint'. I didn't use quite enough rosemary (less than the recommended amount), so the rosemary flavor is a bit more subtle, but it allows the fresh strawberries to take more of center stage, which is good because the flavor profile continues to compete somewhat with the wildflower honey I used.

And it is amazing in a cup of Greek yogurt. Fantastic.

Rosemary Honey-sweetened Strawberry Jam
Cooking Strawberries
Reduced Strawberries, passed the sheet test


rooth said...

I'm still slighting scared of the whole preserving process but you make it look so delicious

rainmelon said...

I must now flavor some fruit jam/sauce/compote with rosemary -- such a good idea.

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