Starting Campfires

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


If you're going camping, there pretty much has to be a fire (and if there's a fire, you should pretty much have a gallon of water on hand to put it out). This has been our approach to getting a fire going. Step 1 in acquiring a stomach full of s'mores.

Make sure your fire ring has proper air flow (i.e., air needs access to the fire). Sometimes, we do this by propping the fire ring up on rocks. Sometimes, that is not necessary.
Airflow under the firering

Gather your flammable things. Paper, egg cartons, dryer lint, vaseline-coated cotton balls, etc. etc. Also, collect some moderately-flammable things, like dry twigs.

Pile up your flammable things. Go big or go home!
Firestarters of Choice: Vaseline-doused Cotton Balls

Light the fire starter.
Kindling Fire

As the twigs catch, add logs in a log-cabin style (or, if you get desperate, throw a duraflame log on the twigs)
Fire Beginnings

Keep piling up logs, as necessary. Be sure to blow onto the flames to make sure they get enough oxygen.
Fire Build Up

I am not responsible for any harm you may do to yourself or others by following the actions in this post.


Stephanie said...

I love pictures of campfires. : ) I've been wanting a fire pit in our backyard, but who knows when that will happen!

rooth said...

Dryer lint - DUH! Now why haven't I thought of that...

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