1.5 Hour Lines at Hershey Park

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mobs of People at Hershey Park, roller coaster line

Amusement Parks. Not really fun when you're an adult. Unless, of course, you like standing in line for 1+ hours for every ride. Yet this is how we spent a Saturday at Hershey Park for J's family reunion. In hindsight, it would've been best to get an evening pass for Friday night and spent all day Saturday tubing down a river. Write that down. Do not go to Hershey Park on a Saturday. Of course, one of those "Fast Track" passes that let you skip all the lines would've solved this problem, but I find them ethically reprehensible. Something about training children from an early age that people with money are above all us riffraff standing in lines like cattle. I don't know, it just doesn't seem like something we should be teaching kids in an amusement park.

On the bright side, the Hershey Chocolate World (aka the "Factory"/giant gift shop) has added a few attractions since I was last there 15 years ago. We designed our own chocolate bars and labels, and there was also a chocolate tasting experience that we passed on. 'Had to save room to buy our weight in macadamia nut, coconut, and cookies 'n cream Hershey Kisses.

Other than Saturday afternoon, it was a pleasant experience. Food and games with family members J hasn't seen in 25 years. Watching facial expressions change when you explain that you've been dating 4.5 years. General lazing about in the hotel pool. Escape from dissertation madness. A good weekend.

Hershey Silo
The Howler
Hershey Rolelrcoaster
Hershey's Zoo (Gophers)
Hershey Chocolate Factory Ride Make Your Own Hershey's Chocolate Bar Conveyor
Make Your Own Chocolate Bar


missris said...

I have never been to articulate why the "fast pass" thing icks me out, but you put it perfectly. "Something about training children from an early age that people with money are above all us riffraff standing in lines like cattle." Yeah no. Not okay.

Unknown said...

Did you hear about this?

"Disney World is looking into reports that some wealthy visitors are hiring disabled people to pretend to be family members so that they can skip lines."


How gross is that?

h said...

missris - We've all gotta learn it sometime, but maybe not in an amusement park during the summer.

Claire - I have heard of that scandal, but to be honest, I find it only slightly worse than the Fast Track option. The wealthy will always pay more to be treated better, and the wealthiest will always have the assets to find the relevant loopholes. It's not much worse than anything else capitalism encourages. Signed, the Eternal Pessimist

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