Success: Plump Pea Dumplings

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Plump Pea Dumplings

These Plump Pea Dumplings from 101cookbooks are fantastic. Like, super awesome. I only bought one package of dumpling wrappers, so I ended up with some leftover filling (shown below). I'll probably go back to the Asian grocer tomorrow, nab some more wrappers, and maybe mix up some kale-bacon dumplings. The possibilities are endless!

I basically followed these instructors for folding my dumplings, since I'm a total newbie to this. They're not the neatest, but that matters little when the dumplings are in your belly.

Plump Pea Dumplings
Plump Pea Dumplings - Filling


My Garden Diaries said...

I want to make them like now!!! They look amazing!!!!!

missris said...

Wow these look so, so good. Maybe we need to have a Marisa/Iris cooking adventure soon.

rooth said...

I am so very intrigued - making these very soon

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