Semi-Success: Pickled Carrots and Daikon

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pickled Daikon and Carrot Coins

I was near an Asian grocer when I decided to commit and make thesePickled Carrots and Daikon from FoodInJars. I had an extra daikon, which I cut up and shoved in these jars anyways, but I probably should've spread it out to an extra half pint.

Pickled Daikon and Carrot Coins

[Verdict] Having brought these to a summer BBQ, it was determined that they are quite good. However, I don't find them as addictive as dilly beans, so I might not be making these again. I think three half pints would make a lot more sense than three full pints.


My Garden Diaries said...

They look amazing! You are rocking it lady!! Have a great weekend and good for you for committing to healthy eating! Nicole

Alicia | Jaybird said...

Yum, these look great! Dilly beans are a tough competitor.

Stephanie said...

This is awesome! I've been trying to find something to do with all my carrots! Thanks for sharing!

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