Texas Trip: Temple, TX

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hay Bales

I have family that lives an hour north of Austin, Texas which is where we headed first on our brief 4-day trip. For being an hour outside of a metropolitan area and only 2.5 hours from the second largest city in Texas, Temple sure feels like it's nowhere near the city. Gravel roads, open acreage, horses, tiny little main streets with Western facades. Towns whose entire police force consists of a part-time sheriff and a deputy. 'You drive an hour outside of Pittsburgh, you find a similar thing, although, probably less of those two-story wooden facades. It's the [very] east coast where this just isn't possible. You drive an hour outside of Philadelphia...and you're still pretty much in Philadelphia.

It's nice to get out every once in awhile.

However, it took us awhile to get out there. Our US Airways flight from Charlotte to Austin was delayed several times due to broken jump seats on our partially empty plane, resulting in them having to ready an alternative aircraft which just generally lead to even more delays. I think we ended up only being 2 hours late or so.

Eva the horse
Flowers on a fence Dog

  1. One Day in Temple, TX
  2. Two Days in San Antonio, TX
  3. One Day in Austin, TX


rooth said...

Three cheers for Texas! I hope you had a blast while you were here

My Garden Diaries said...

Your photos are gorgeous!!! I am so glad that you got away to take this all in...there is something to be said about being in a place that has a slower pace! Wishing you a wonderful week! Nicole xo

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