Success: Strawberry Applesauce

Friday, October 31, 2014

Homemade Strawberry Applesauce

4-5 lbs of fresh-picked apples, a carton of strawberries, 1/2c apple cider, and a 1/4c sugar yielded this homemade strawberry applesauce. I combined FoodInJars' Strawberry Applesauce with FoodInJars' Homemade Apple Sauce (i.e., I added a carton of hulled strawberries to a traditional applesauce recipe instead of using spices)...and from my taste tests, it's going to be super tasty.

Applesauce is nice because it's not as fussy as jams, doesn't take as much time as fruit butters, and doesn't have to be nearly as sweet. And who doesn't like consuming pepto-bismal pink colored food items?!

Pro Tip: The smaller you cut your fruit chunks, the quicker they'll cook down into a sauce. Also, peeling the apples is optional, although that's what I did for this particular attempt.

[Edit 3/2/15: The strawberry applesauce came out fantastic. Tastes exactly how you'd expect: not too sweet and lots of strawberry goodness!]

Homemade Strawberry Applesauce
Strawberry Applesauce, in process


My Garden Diaries said...

My beans would love this! We pay an arm and a leg to get this at trader joes in squeeze packs.....I need to remember this for next year!!!

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