Success: Hamburg Steak

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hamburg Steak

There are an assortment of foods I never would have discovered had I not lived in Japan for three months. Like the flexibility and ease of homemade miso soup. Or a good bowl of ramen. Or the Japanese' fondness for deep fried foods. Or pretty much any of the items on my company's cafeteria menu.

This "Hamburg Steak" was one of these items discovered at the company cantine. We determined that a "hamburger" comes sandwiched between bread, but a "hamburg" is a small Japanese meatloaf. I loosely followed NoRecipe's Hamburg Steak recipe, but left out what I didn't have on hand. So I ended up not using any tofu nor oyster sauce, and replacing the red wine with some leftover sake. I also substituted standard bread crumbs for the panko. Overall, this recipe is fairl;y straight-forward and comes out quite tasty. Good for those times when I'm struck by nostalgia.

Hamburg Steak


rainmelon said...

As a recent ramen noodle convert, next time you're around NYC, I highly recommend Momofuku (or Ippudo) -- some of the yummiest ramen.

h said...

There's a 'Ramen Bar' restaurant in my neighborhood now, because we must have at least one of every type of Asian cuisine. Still waiting on an izakaya and a fried meat restaurant.

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