Pittsburgh: Public Market

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pittsburgh Public Market

After not leaving the house for four days, J and I set out to actually get out. We ended up going for lunch at the Pittsburgh Public Market which is a sort of sad version of Philly's Reading Terminal Market or Boston's Public Market. But they're just starting out. And they're trying, and that's what counts. The food vendors are great, there were plenty of produce stalls, but the ambiance is...lacking. We still ended up with a pint of salted caramel ice cream that tastes like Jeni's, but only cost $6. Oh, and a liege-ish waffle from Second Breakfast, not to mention 'cadillac pierogies' from Ohio City Pasta. Delicious.

At some point I realized the Pittsburgh Public Market was only one block from Wigle Whiskey so we headed over to the distillery for a tasting flight of wood-finished whiskey.

Overall, it was a pretty fantastic way to spend a few hours lolling about Pittsburgh...not in the house. It's too soon for spring fever!

Ohio City Pasta - Cadillac Pierogies
Pittsburgh Public Market - Second Breakfast Pittsburgh Public Market - Bakery
Wigle Whiskey - Gift Shop
Wigle Whiskey - Wodd Finish Flight Wigle Whiskey - Ceiling


missris said...

"lacking in ambience" is right!

rooth said...

You know, at least they are trying and it'll hopefully only get bigger and better

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