Gingerbread Waffles

Sunday, January 25, 2015

SmittenKitchen Gingerbread Waffle from Shy

My friend rainmelon is an excellent cook. And as all avid bakers are wont to do, she gifted me one of her fabulous creations. So, I didn't make this Deep Dark Gingerbread Waffle from SmittenKitchen, but it was absolutely fantastic. Especially for molasses enthusiasts.

President of the molasses fan club, right here. Definitely worth a try!

SmittenKitchen Gingerbread Waffle from Shy


My Garden Diaries said...

These look insanely delicious!!!! I have never tried such heaven but it is now my goal to do so! Have a great night!! Nicole xo

rooth said...

Oh yum that looks so good. But no waffle iron... hmm I wonder if they'd make good pancakes

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