Tea Review: Three Unflavored Teas

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'Just making my way through some leftover tea from Pittsburgh...

Assam TGFOP Tea
Assam TGFOP. This guy is a really, lovely classic black tea. When I switched from my usual earl grey teas to this assam, I thought it was plain. But the longer you drink it, the more the assam awesome-ness comes out. Assam-ness.

Golden Monkey Tea
Golden Monkey. I like this one. Not as much a punch in the mouth of black tea flavor as the assam, but still nice. Less floral than the assam, and also more expensive.

White Monkey Tea
White Monkey Paw. Sooooo subtle. 'Never really was a fan of white teas, might never be.


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Almost all my friends hate white tea. As for me I do really love it's taste. This light, subtle taste is exactly for me.

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