Tea Review:: Adagio Black Teas: Vanilla, Earl Grey Bravo, and Fujian Baroque

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vanilla Black Tea
This vanilla tea from Adagio is fantastic. A lovely, warm, winter-y flavor. I had not expected to like vanilla black tea so much, but it really is surprisingly great. I have never consumed a tea at such top speeds before. Well, except maybe cream earl grey and matcha iri sencha. And once I got started, I really tore through the Assam TGFOP. But, you know, there's more than enough room for unlimited tea varietals in my life.

Earl Grey Bravo Tea
I also like this earl grey bravo tea, also from Adagio. It's pretty standard earl grey, with an extra pump of citrus from the bits of zest thrown in. 'Still prefer the creamier earl grey types, but this is still nice.

Fujian Baroque Black Tea
I wasn't initially sure how I felt about this fujian baroque tea from Adagio...it's good, but doesn't really seem to have the same floral notes that Assam and Golden Monkey do. It's good, but not in the top echelon of favorites.


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