Tea Review: Current Teas I'm Drinking

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lemon Myrtle Tea
Just Lemon Myrtle from T2 in Australia. Super overpowering lemon! But delicious! Great mixed with other teas that could use a shot au limon, and great for sick days! Herbal and naturally decaffeinated. One of the few "teas" grown in Australia.

Florida Orange Rooibos Red Tea
This Florida Orange Rooibos Tea from Margaret's Fine Imports in Pittsburgh is a nice naturally decaffeinated option, but not as tasty as the Vanilla Masala Chai that I mix on my own. Sweet with an even balance of orange and rooibos flavoring.

Casablanca Twist Tea
In the office I've got this green tea, Casa Blanca Twist from Adagio Teas. So minty and refreshing!

Pi Lo Chun Tea
I've also got this Pi Lo Chun from Adagio Teas in the office. It's nice, but considerably plainer than all my other options! Whatever gets you through the day!


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