New Jersey: Grounds for Sculpture

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Four Dancing Women
So. If you happen to be near the Hamilton, NJ train station and enjoy sculpture're probably already aware of the Grounds for Sculpture. It is a ton of goofy, artsy fun. Lots of unique pieces, lots of recreations of famous paintings. Very silly at times, and a great way to spend an afternoon walking about. They also have two fantastic eating options: Rat's Restaurant with a lovely view of a sculpture garden pond, and the museum's Peacock Cafe for some quick eats.

Grounds for Sculpture
Grounds for Sculpture
Grounds for Sculpture Grounds for Sculpture
Sometimes this is weird
Grounds for Sculpture
This darn statue, always following me around.
The Awakening #2
Grounds for Sculpture


missris said...

I just went to a wedding here in May! It was absolutely lovely (and the food at Rat's was really good too).

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